This might come too late because it's not raining anymore, but I wanted to share with you some very inexpensive activities to keep your toddlers entertained if you need to be indoors. Of course, during summer the beach and the parks are a must, but sometimes mommys need to get things done in the house, so these activities might come in handy.

Pinterest Adventures:

I finally did some toddler activities I had pinned! This one was the one that Will liked the most and played the most:

 We used the colored pom poms that you can find at the dollar store and later we used his little cars that we bought at the target dollar spot, which, by the way has ton of sensory games for kids! We're currently learning colors with a matching game.

 He later decided to play with the washi roll.

We also did this activity to which I don't have a picture but I have to say it wasn't super successful because he didn't want to play with these more than let's say, 5 minutes.

Photo from Pinterest

Target Dollar Spot Paint:
What else to say! $1!!! It brings a brush, 6 colors and coloring pages!

 He was too focused to look at the camera for me.

Other games/activities found at the Dollar Spot:

Pic from Pinterest

Target sells something similar to this at their dollar spot. The pockets are made of felt and the sticks are all the way colored. William loved these!

Projects I will be trying in the near future:

Home made play dough: yep I haven't done that yet!
And this:
Pic from Pinterest.

And of course, for outdoor activities when it's sunny and hot (and it's been hot lately) we do a lot of pool time, walks, park, we play soccer (Will insists on grabbing the ball with his hands, but we're working on it).
Mommies out there, what summer activities are you enjoying with your littles?

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