Hey all!

These are some of the goodies I got at the dollar spot. I went a couple of times after this. I showed a few things on my Instagram (are you following me?)

My rule of thumb when I hit the dollar spot is to stick to things that cost 1 dollar. With the exception of the ink pads and the daily planner on the picture I showed here, the rest were all a dollar.

The dollar spot has amazing kids stuff, like flashcards and other sensory games/activities I will show on a future post. For now, let me show you what I got this time: from left to right, sheets of owl stickers, sheets of dry eraser owl labels, Dr Oz stickers, alphabet and number stickers, 2 sticky note pads, 2 sets of gift tags, 2 rolls of aqua washi tapes (later I found some fabric ones but not great colors: yellow and beige), 2 rolls of twig, an organizer cubby (top right), a little chack board clip board that I will use to decorate my desk area and 2 pens.

Do you like hitting the dollar spot? What's the favorite thing you got from there?

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