Even thought we were made to move and stay active, we have to push ourselves not to cave into a sedentary life. It's a daily real struggle. I have to confess since I sprained my ankle and I was sick, I've totally been off the wagon about excersicing. Yes, the other day we walked three miles with my running buddy, who's also injured! What is going on! Right when we start getting into a groove, we find stones in the way. 

 But I have a HUGE update!  I am 14 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight!!
The one thing that saved me while I was chasing the train running on the rail roads is the juicing. I have been making the right decisions when it comes to food, resisting temptation and detoxing my body with fruits and vegetables. It's totally worth the sacrifice.
 Working and looking at this journal and the Bible has kept me focused. It works folks! You should try it!
 I see a big difference in my body as it's shedding the kilos but I definitely need to get back on track and do more squats!
 And tuck jumps, and arm workouts and run consistently.
 This is my plan: wake up at 7 am. Spend time reading my Bible and praying. Wake William up, dress him, feed him breakfast. Leave for a run. Come back and try to squeeze in a 12 min HIIT workout.
 I want to start my day like that. If I put God and then excersice at the beginning of the day, I find that the whole day runs smoother. Not only spiritually and emotionally, but also physically. Working out helps me a) seize the day early, see sunshine, and therefore I am happier; b) move my body and let the blood flood therefore I am more active and happier c) sleep better, deeper, earlier and therefore, be happier d) wake up feeling in better shape, slimmer, renewed and therefore, happier.
However, working out and feeding the body the right things won't do much for our heart and soul, because they too need to be fed the right things, and that is God's Word!

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I love you and your Blog!!! xoxox