Hello! Not much to report in the "loss" part of this post. But no weigh gain! Which is good, because I took a little break from the juicing and ate normal food, and not so good for me food as well. 

Today starts a new week, even though it's Thursday. I will be controlling portions, and eating super clean for at least 15 days. Of course, I should be doing that for the rest of my life. I thought that at this point in the juicing journey I will be transformed but it's easy to get back to the dark side! Easier than we'd like!
Back to the weight loss journal, I have to set up a goal of writing in it every single day because I know it helps, it centers me, it re focuses me.
Today I will be making a big batch of my clean tomato soup  and have that throughout the day. It's seriously so good I can't get enough of. It's hard to make it during the summer because I like it better when I roast the veggies in the oven but it's so worth it.
I will also be making juices to drink and refresh myself and of course tons of water!!!!! I always forget about water. For juice recipes you can click here, herehere and here

Running today will be at dusk, around 7 pm :)
I wish I could be doing this instead!
Getting plenty of rest as well.
Hanging in the pool with the minion and hubby. Thanks God for a pool in the complex!
And sometimes missing my hikes in Argentina. But being thankful for the present and a life in California with friends and family.

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