Hey guys!!

I wanted to show you what's currently on my pencil case. This is a small pencil bag my aunt Nancy gave me for Christmas and I am glad to put it to good use. It's not huge nor small, it's the perfect size.

As you can see, I love colorful pens (like I am sure you do too) and I am always looking for fine or ultra fine tip for writting. Sharpie has a lot of colors in ultra fine but I also have some Bic Mark It ones. The silver, gold and white fine pens I bought from Ebay. The white one is not super strong, it's watery but it becomes legible after drying, however, it works better in dark lustre surfaces.

The other day as I was getting a smog check on my car I had time to kill so I went to Staples to check for something I couldn't find, but instead, I found this! It was $11.99 and I was hesitating to get it, thinking that maybe I would find it cheaper at Michael's. I got it, and told myself that if i found it less expensive I would return it. I got home and googled the pack, and found it for almost 30 bucks! When I went to Michael's it was $24.99! So I got a steal!
Can't wait to use these!

What's on your pencil case?

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Michelle said...

What a variety you have there! Sharpie pens are one of my favorites, too. They write so well and hold such boldness on the paper.