Holy cow! Where to being with these books. I've had a love-hate relationship with them that's for sure. To talk about the third (and final? No, think again) of this series I have to recap a little bit about the whole collection.

If you've read these books you'll agree that the first things that pop into our eyes are the covers, those dresses! Please, we totally judged this book by its cover whether we want to call ourselves passionate readers that care about content. The editors did a good one here, maybe because they knew they content lacked something? Keep reading. 

Another thing that tickles our fancy for us girls is the title "The Selection" 

And the description of the book that pretty much sums it up in The Bachelor, meets Hunger Games meets Gossip Girl. Who can resist that. And when I say Hunger Games of course it's a stretch because as we read the first book we realize the dystopian part of the plot leaves much to be desired, there's little description of the world they live in and there seems to be a miss match with the social classes and the way they leave. 
The main character is America Singer, a semi poor girl who's a 5 (number assinged by the society) and is in the group of the artists, they sing, play instruments, pain etc. She's a singer, doh, and plays instruments, although I don't see much of an artist in her.
Let me tell you my impressions of her throughout the first book. She doesn't seem very humble, in fact, for a girl from humble background she gets used to the luxury rather fast. Sure, she "says" she doesn't but the way the author puts words in her mouth it seems to me there's a diva inside. Everyone makes a big a fuss over the fact that she cared about her maids at a certain point of danger but to me that seemed very forced and out of character. She doesn't seem to care any other time other than that one, and she never says please or thank you when she talked to them, she likes having 3 maids to order around. Of course you could say that any of us would. But then don't try to sell me America as a selfless soul because in the end she does care about money and cares about things just like anyone else. By the end of book 1 I am not impressed with the way this book is written, I see a lot of cliches the author used to make this book dystopian without giving us proper depth of the matters and of course there's a love triangle. For example, one of the cliches is this girl Celeste seems to be the reeincarnation of Blair Waldorf. 

Book 2: The Elite

Here it starts getting a little bit better. The author seemed to have had more time to develop the story and the characters and even though I still thought at this time that America was a vapid immature teenager, I want to keep reading. And again, the covers, the dresses!

In this book we learn more about The Bachelor aka Prince Maxon and it gives the story a lot more color, because we may or may not start rooting for one of the sides of the triangle. But I still wonder what these two boys see in America other than her beauty, although we can argue that all boys pick by beauty? That was definitely the case with my husband, lol. But seriously, she's not that smart! She wants to sound passionate about her society but... do you believe her?

Book 3! Ok, she kind of has my love. She is growing, she's learning to be less selfish and she's is loving one guy and stopped loving the other. She knows what she wants. I like that. If you know about the 4th book "The Heir" you can guess the ending of this book but let me tell you it's a easy and entertaining read (and they're doing a movie, so hurry up and read them!). I don't think the author is amazing with words, it's not easy to write a book, I know that, but this is not a masterpiece. It seems to me that lately a lot of young adult literature author focus on the story more than the way they tell the story and for certain instances in life, that's ok. This book is definitely beach literature and we need that sometimes, don't we?

"The One" is the favorite of the 3 for me because it shows more character development, more maturity in those said characters a more twists to the story, rather the more predictable plots of the other books. I don't want to give much away but even though there are casualties there's also a happy ending. I can't wait to read "The Heir". 

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