This book is the first of three that make the Trylle Saga by Amanda Hocking.

I was looking for one of her books "Frosfite" but they didn't have the first one of the trilogy at my library and instead, I walked out with this one, that seemed promising.

Let's get to it. First, the title "Switched" resonates with me because of the tv show "Switched at Birth". The cover is attractive and the genre is dystopian/fantasy. As a matter of fact, is strictly fantasy, but you can assume it might be dystopian if you just look at the cover.
This is a different cover than the one I read, but I do like that they don't put the character's face on the cover, which I don't like. Books are for imagining. 

So Wendy, the main character, was switched at birth, she is a changeling. Which made me wonder why didn't choose that as the title of the book considering they say that word many times, instead of switched.
Wendy doesn't fit in, she gets expelled from schools, her mom hates her, but her brother and aunt protect her above everything. She thinks this last move might be the last one, she wants it to be for the sake of her brother and aunt, but when he meets Finn, everything will change. Will Wendy accept who she really is?


Art by Odessa Sawyer, found on Google. 

Ok, I really want to discuss this book because I really liked it! Being that Wendy is a troll, although they don't like to be called that, it made it very insteresting because I have never read a book about trolls, except Lord of The Rings.

After reading a lot of dystopian books and hearing raves about the Twilight saga and barewolves and that kind of fantasy, this one seemed different.

Wendy's mom tries to kill her because she knows Wendy is not her daughter, that she was switched, that she is a changeling. Wendy can't believe it until she meets Finn, from the trylle community who's been tracking her to take her home. Wendy ends up going with him and meets her real mother.

Art by Odessa Sawyer, found on Google. 
The book is gripping and very easy to read, but there are some points I want to complain about:
1, they barely describe the trylle culture. Yes, they live like others and they have some super powers, they don't like shoes and they have crazy hair but... that's it? Seemed like a simplistic description for me. If you're going to introduce a new world to me, then give me details. There a few details about what makes the trolls trolls.

2, Wendy leaves her family because it's threaten, meets her birth mom who turns out to be the Queen of the trylle and she is an iced queen. After the initial questions and being turned off by her own mother Wendy gives up on asking any more. Why? Doesn't anybody question how incredible selfish these trolls are? They steal human babies to put their own in wealthy family so that at 18 they move back with them with their trust funds, while they keep the human children prisoners, in a way, although very well taken care of, they never tell them who their real families are and not even Wendy feels disgusted by this?? The whole time I was reading I was so angry with this fact! They basically strip the humans of their own children so the Trylle society can go on. Not nice.

4, as usual, all the boys fall in love with Wendy, but other than her external beauty, that they mention only a few times, there aren't many trades that the author shows us that indicate Wendy is special. Of course for most men all it takes is beauty, ha! But I would LOVE to see more intricate female characters to give some credit to the guys' love for them. Who is Wendy? She's kind of a rebel, but other than being the princess, please tell me, does she like literature? She seems to always point out what she can't do. She reminds me a bit of America Singer from The Selection without the attitude. Wendy is humble, she's shy in a way. But I don't get why the three boys in the story fall for her (although they don't all confess it)

3, The ending seemed abrupt and developed to fast. I won't say much more in case you didn't read the book and are still reading the post.  Maybe they will develop more in the second book? I don't understand why she choose that moment to do what she did. Maybe you can help me.

Overall I liked this book, I didn't want to put it down and I regretted not getting the second one before the library closed on Friday, but hopefully by the time you read this I'll be on book number 2.

To see more of these paintings made by Odessa Sawyer, please visit her website!

What did you think of this book? Would you read it? What would you call the literature section of my blog?

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