Yes! I am going back to school, but not full time. I've been wanting to take a photography class and after doing some researched I came to the conclusion that Community College offers the best type of class and for a little fee. I am so excited! This works out perfectly because my mom will be here until the end of the semester and she can watch my little one, because my hubby is also in school full time. I know, we're crazy.

The reason why I wanted to start photography was a) we bought an expensive camera some time ago with the condition, for me, to know how to use it to the best of my ability to take advantage of it being a good camera. It's a Nikon D3300, I think. Need to confirm, or 3500?

Second, I really need to improve my photo taking skills. I am so bad. I know that a big factor is having an innate eye for these things and I can tell I don't have it but a class at least will guide me to the light, composition, etc, aspects of taking a good photo.

With that said, this is also a challenge for me. Sure, anyone can go and take classes, but with me being over 30 (depressing) I started to feel like I was very behind my generation and the younger generation. I saw bloggers and vloggers and other women my age being very talented at certains things and I started feeling inadecquate.

But I've learned something. Something that it was an aha moment for me but you might say "doh" when you read this. It takes work.

It takes work, time, persistence, dedication, patience. I wasn't willing to put any of those thing into it. I always thought my sister is good at painting and photography because she has a innate talent but she became a web master and graphic designer with work, she self taught herself, and that is not an innate talent, that's time and patience. Patience, something I need more of. I realized I can also be the one with good pictures, the one that knows how to sew, the ones that can make pretty things, but they all take a good amount of work, no matter how old I am!

I asked on my social media platforms one time if it was too late, and the response was overwhelmingly positive: no it's not. It's not too late. I can also be the one who's good at that, whetever may be, if I am willing to put in the hours. Yes, I might want to throw the sewing machine out the window. But if I want to learn, I have to study it. And studying takes time. Like reading a book. I should know!

My mom arrived last night at 7 and this is her 3rd time in the US! Now we have less budget to do things but we'll stay busy planning Will's 2nd birthday party, going to the beach, on walks, and learning how to sew! My mom is amazing at this!

I will document the process, either of my photography class, Will's birthday and my learn how to sew and I will share it with you! Thank you for reading!

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