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Years ago, during my late nineteens and my early twenties, I wrote a novel starring me and a bunch of my friends. I used a lot of scrapes I had written for my old blog and one of them was a sort of enciclopedia with my favorite terms and words and their meaning for me. Here's the first out of three parts. It might not have much meaning for you, but I was reading through this novel and I thought it was fun to remember what this words meant a decade ago:


Guitar: musical instrument originally built of wood, with six cords, that, if played well, produces a melody of dreams, special for meetings, and/or camp fires, and for moments in which music should be in the background to transport people into a superior level of experiencing life.
Guitar/2: Lula tries to dominate her. Without complete success.
Find me!

Ilusión (hope): this is a word that is used several ties in Lula's poetry. They reveal her mind's condition and heart in facing life's promises, her dealing with the days and months, and her friendship with the seasons of the year.

Innocence: state of dependence of the world and people. Extraordinary capacity of surprise. It's not ingenuity, is hoping more of things, whether they exist or not.

Intellectuals: persons that read, know a lot and think a lot. Same as bohemians, a lot want to be them.
/2: the voice of the times and epochs.

Young adult: post-adolescent state and undefined pre-adult. Marked by goodbyes, the making of decisions, work and responsibilities, some soft music, studying, runs, short term friends, confusion (yes, more confusion).
My friend Juan

Book Stores: places filled with books for sale in where you can discover lives and hidden (and not so hidden) adventures of the literary world. Place in which many could live forever. 

Books: mounts of paper with cardboard covers and letters inside lined horizontally that can generate an addiction to those passionate individuals that love to day dream. Very practical elements of wisdom, the intellectual’s favorites.
Books/2: more than words can explain, pun intended.

Insanity: word that has been submitted to the subjectivity of the object that carries it. For some, insanity is simply what's different to oneself, to what's conventional. For others, insanity is the most normal thing in the world. Whatever the definition, we all carry a bit of it, whether evident or not. 

Moon (Luna): place of origin of those persons considered “lunáticas” (crazy). They can be differentiated from others by their capacity to day dream, laugh at every moment, dancing without caring of who's watching, and non-stop talking. Lula is one of this “lunatic” beings.

Mate: species of drink with yerba or green grass poured in a cup or container called “mate” that contains a straw called bombilla. Some containers are boring, some are carved in wood (even with Che Guevara's face on them). Inside you pour sugar, or sweetener, or nothing, like it should be. Then you pour in the hot water carefully so that you don't wet all the yerba. Mate is usually drank with friends while a good conversation takes place. Or you can drink it in the kitchen, in the dining room, or a park like the many in Buenos Aires. In other occasions you may drink it while you write because you can take breaks and in this case, coffee would get cold. (For more on mate, click here)

Deb and Dario

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