I wanted to share with you guys what I am watching lately on you tube. This changes from time to time because of the things I'm into or what I want to learn. But there are a few that stick and I subscribed and I watch all the time.

The all timers:

I was only watching 1 subscription often and that was Bethany Mota. Ever since I watched her commercial on Hulu, I was intrigued and I started following her. I know it's mostly aimed at younger girls but I love how genuine and natural she is. If I start a you tube channel I definitely want to be like her. Ha!

This is the video where I got a lot of ideas for my desk.  

New ones:

HappySunnyFlowers by Grace Villareal.

My sister Jaz recommended one of her videos to me and I have been following her ever since. She's from Spain, so she streams in Spanish but she's super sweet and real. She's a mommy of two and also shares her every day life on her vlogs. This is a video of a haul.  On a side note, I wished youtubers didn't do so many hauls. They love doing them and I guess their followers love them as well, but they kind of depress me. What is so fun about showing how you spend your money? What is so fun about watching how others spend their money? Especially if I can't spend any! Any way, let's move on. :P

Belinda Selene

I think I got to her blog looking at free planner stickers and that's where I found the Tiffany and Co. printable. She is super sweet and talented and posts very often about inexpensive ideas to decorate your planner. She also posts about fashion and make up. 

Elle Fowler

You've probably heard of her. She's also posting a lot about planner decor but I have been watching her make up tutorial as well to try to learn from her. She's lovely.

Janette Lane

I used to follow her on her old blog and now she has a new blog and a You Tube Channel. I've talked about her before because she's super talented and inspiring (I am using a lot the word super aren't I?) and she created the awesome Pocket Letters and is a #plannergirl. I stalk her Instagram like a crazy person because her pictures are just so gorgeous and creative! 

These are my favorite so far! 

Now that I've signed up a photography class and that I purchased a sewing machine, I will be looking for videos to learn about that, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to write them down below!

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Janette said...

I just typed out a comment and it got erased! LOL Ok! So what I said the first time is THANK YOU SOO SOO MUCH! I feel so honored to be listed with these talented ladies! Thanks for watching my videos!xoxo