This is a letter I send to my pen pal @lettersfrommadisson:

 I really love doing this like these! I don't know why I don't make the time more to sit down and create little letters like this that not only bless others but they bless my soul as well.
 I felt this layout really reflected Madisson, at least the little I know about her. Can't wait to get to know her more! You should definitely check out her Instagram!
 Post written, or post mortem :P This time I left the pictures almost intact.
 I made an envelope out of a page of a magazine The front is a girl looking at a wall full of art (I owe you the pic, but trust me it was cute because Madisson said it was like getting a work of art in the mail)
 Here's the photo I posted on Instagram, that fun card was sent to me by my awesome friend Jaime.
And I don't know why I didn't take pictures of the card I made for Janette Lane, but here's the outside.

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