As you might se if you explore my blog's dark past is that I wasn't huge into make up. I never felt I knew how to do it, never thought I looked like myself and trust me when I tell you eye liner was the least of my friends. It still... kinda... is.

A little hard to sharpen. It's so creamy that a lot of the product is wasted. I read that the Urban Decay sharpener is good for this. Pardon my chipped nails

Of course I am not the only one who has difficulty applying it at first and I am told it takes a lot of practice which I haven't put on it yet. But, here's where it gets interesting:

I was at Target one day and the beauty consultant, which are hard to find, gave a sample for this eye liner and she said it was the best. It's a pencil creamy eye liner and I couldn't wait to try it. It's called Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen on Black Noir.

This is Amazon's product description:

Pixi Beauty Endless Silky Eye Pen is a silky eyeliner pen that's waterproof and easy to apply. Skin smoothing Vitamin E and rich mineral pigments allow this pen to glide flawlessly across the lid, delivering a vibrant color payoff that last all day and protect the delicate eye skin area. Black Noir is a rich black shade.

I went home and did my make up, foundation yara yara yara and when I got to the eyes I used the Pixi eye liner on my top eyelash line. It was a disaster! It's probably mostly me but the pencil is so creamy that it smudged to easily and it was hard to make a fine line. So I had to take it off.

I re did my make up and tried on the water lines, top and bottom, AMAZING! There's a reason why they call it silky! The fact that is so creamy makes it so easy to apply on the water lines, which is a sensitive spot and you don't have to rub or press too hard. It was really good for this area of the eye.

Maybe for an experienced make up junkie it would be easier to apply it on top and maybe smudgedit with a brush but for me I'd rather keep practicing with a felt tip eye liner. But I would totally purchase Pixi eye liner for my lower and top water line.

There's one problem though, this eye liner is expensive. It sells on Amazon for almost $18 and on Target for $12-14.

Another draw back is that I haven't figured out hoe to sharpen it. I thought at first maybe I couldn't because it's a sample and might not have more product than what comes on the tip, bur reading some reviews I saw that that is something a lot of people complain a lot and that's a reason why they wouldn't but it, because the name "endless" doesn't live to it. Definitely, there are plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to eye liner, so to spend about $15 on something that might not be long lasting might not be wise.

Have you tried this eye liner? What about Pixi as a brand, what are your thoughts? If you want a review on all the colors with swatches check out this blog.

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