Oh this boy... where to begin to describe him. As every parent we think our kid is the best, but Will is THE best! Just kidding, not.

He's so easy going, happy, enthusiastic, smiley, fun, adventurous, curious, friendly, unique. I don't know hoe many more adjectives you will read!

He is amazing and we were extremely blesses with someone with his personality. He's not aggressive, he doesn't take toys from other kids, he likes to play on his own, although he doesn't like to share much, of course. He doesn't hit other kids, he's usually very welcoming and loves to be around people. Ok, I'll stop bragging, actually I just wanted to describe him to you. He's a mama's boy, that's for sure. He melts me when I come home and he waits for me with a ear to ear smile that makes his eyes narrow in two little smiles. He does the same to his daddy, he adores him.

William has one cousin, Colton, who's three weeks older than Will, and last week Colton had a little sister, Cora!

 This is Will with his cousin Colt, sorry for the blurry pic.

 Forgot how tiny newborns are!
 Uncle B.

What a blessing little Cora is!

On another note, last weekend we went to the beach, and we expected Will to want to play only on the sand, as he's (was!) afraid of the ocean, but he must be growing up because he totally overcame his fear and he charged towards the waves! Here's the proof (picture overload!)

 Chasing the sea gulls.

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