I had a great birthday tea party! At first I wasn't sure I wanted to do anything for several reasons, 1, most of my friends don't throw birthday parties anymore, 2, Will's birthday is on the 30th so that means asking people to reserve 2 dates very close to each other, and id you live in OC, California, USA you know having availability becomes an ordeal, I don't know why!

 But as the date approched I really wanted to invite a few friends to celebrate one more year of life. I've always done it and why does this have to be the year I don't? Who knows where I'll be in the future, maybe one year I'll far away from my friends and that will be the year where I might not have a party! But right now, why not? I invited all my closest friends- actually, I shouted out on facebook for everyone to come. And God surprised me because some girls I don't see often came and I got to enjoy a lot of time with them!

 I made a chocolate cake that I will be teaching you how to make and we bought a lemon cake from Ralph's. Savory treats consisted of hummus and pita chips, cream cheese and pesto with crackers, chips with artichoke heart dip (all from Trader Joe's), and some grapes.

 Mary Anne and Nicole chatting it up.

 To the right you might see a blue plate with cheese canapes from Trader Joe's, they're amazing!
 Sheila and me. This is not my best pose but the dress is adorable. I got it at Kohl's from the Lauren Condrads's collection (that had made it to the clearance rack).

Posing like real life ladies.

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Amber MacNeil said...

What a great idea!! I love it! And Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places. I just had some of their arancini last night. Soooo yummy!!!