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This book was great! I really liked the first one because it was different, and the second one didn't disappoint, like it often happens with sequels. If you're on the verge of reading book number 1, let me tell you that it's about the life of trolls, of trylle, like they like to be called, among our human society and their selfish horrible ways and how Wendy finds herself in a dilemma of going to be with her kind or staying with her adopted family. In book 2 Wendy decides to stay in .... and has to adapt to.... read more if you don't mind spoilers.

Wendy decides to move into the palace and start training as a future queen because she feels the trylle people are in danger or being killed by another evil King. Wendy matures even more than she already has due to her tragic childhood. She even has to accept an arranged marriage and by the end she is getting married to someone she doesn't love. Is it Finn? Is it Loki? Oh, but there IS a love triangle. However, the story presents us with some interesting twists that keep us wanting more and definitely wanting to start book 3 immediately.
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I know this is a short review but I liked it so much that I want you to read it and see for yourself!

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