OH MY, I have been so blessed/lucky with these planner giveaways! I've won a few already! One by Love_and_washi (my planner bestie Amanda) and a few more that I haven't received yet. I also won a giveaway by Planzwithrp, two Erin Condren's covers that I decided to gift to my planner sponsor and best friend Allie, because like I said on a previous post she always sends me stickers and she's the one who gifted me with the Happy Planner I love!

 One of them was by Brianna.holifield and she sent it to me so here it is, I wanted to share it with you!

 There's so much I don't know where to start: stickers from Heidi Swapp's collection. Letters and words. Tons of pens and pencils. Two pouches with goodies inside. If you can't tell, Brianna did this all gold, black and white theme with some mint accents. She has such a good eye!
 Mega huge paper clip and heart cut outs.

 Gold theme washi tape and this adorable pen. Gold mini clothes pins and tags.

 Pencil pouch with plastic bow ties, heart stickers, paper clips.

And she even send me extras, washi samples and donut sticky notes! Thank you Brianna!

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