My birthday is this Thursday! It totally snuck up on me with me thinking about Will's second birthday and my mom being here and I've just been busy. I have been scoring some freelance gigs which is awesome, and I started my photography class, and I am a mom, etc etc.

This week and last week I have been sending and receiving happy mail and I'd like to share it with you! The whole planner community is amazing. As I mentioned before, there's a snail mail movement where people, I assume mostly girls, send each other parcels with letters and goodies, old style. It's awesome. Due to budget I don't do it as much, but I have a few people who have been so generous to me that I can't not send them something!

But let me show you first what I have been getting:

Birthday present from my awesome lovely friend Jaime. She knows me too well and enables my stationary new addiction: she got me some planner goodies like page flags and washi and a coloring book! I haven't used it yet but I can already tell it will be very relaxing! She also got me a stack of cards and this super cute nail polish, color spot on for the upcoming season. Thanks Jaime!

Present from my first planner bestie EVER. @alliesplannerhood on Instagram, she recently opened her etsy shop. But first, she sponsored my planner decorasting journey by sending me a Happy Planner in the mail AND a package full of goodies. This time she sent me some of her own designed stickers that I absolutely love!

I also got these planner stickers and washi strips from @aubree_plans on Instagram. I just happened to comment on how cute those stickers where and she said she made them with scrapbook paper and that she wanted to send me some. She included those washi strips that were totally unexpected and generous of her. 

 And theeen, last on this post is @plannerglamgirl 's sticker sheet she offered to send me when she found out my birthday was coming up! I got to choose it, isn't super cute? I can't wait to decorate my planner with these!
Hopefully, for my own sanity and happiness, I get to cook a few Argentine goodies for my birthday week and actual birthday so fingers crosses you'll have a couple of recipes this week. No excuse for my absence but I have been engrossed in YA Literature this whole past week. How can we be book lovers and have a balanced life huh?

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