As many of you know, my mom arrived on August 27th and she'll be staying until November 17th.

Every time she comes we tackle on super fun arts and crafts projects like my son's room, my husband chair cover, and this time, we have great plans, like teaching me how to sew, revamping my desk, re arranging my living room, and one of the things my mom did all by herself was this tea box.

She brought the tea box from Argentina and it was birch color, she painted it, bought the plastic at Hobby Lobby (because we didn't find those at Michael's, along with he Heiddi Swapp washi tape, what?) and it turned out like this!

Isn't it gorgeous?

She brought me some really yummy teas from Argentina and with some I already had she arranged them like this!

I'll make sure to show you all the projects we tackle this time around! Needless to say I miss her every time she leaves but hopefully my parents will be granted a Green Card soon so they can move to the US! Praying!

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