If you've read my previous reviews on book 1 and 2 of this trilogy, you know I love it! So if you're wondering if you should start this series, I would say yes! The cool thing about this saga is that is not about vampires, or werewolves, or angles and demons... it's about a different kind. And you might think it might be trying to hard, but it works!


What I like about this saga is that the author paints a very different main character. I find Wendy to have a strong and defined personality, unlike other female heroes that I find either annoying or that they don't really have anything special to offer other than their beauty. Granted, Wendy has a few interested parties and sometimes I do wonder if they know her, if they want her for who she is or what she looks like. I think we can all agree that guys will be drawn not only to a pretty girl but to a princess?

Most female heroines tend to be spoiled brats in my opinion, even though the author tries to make her seem relateable and humble, a lot of the times it doesn't come out that way. But Wendy does. She suffered and you can see that, she has wounds, she's apprehensive.

On my first review I wrote that I was very frustrated about the fact that the trylle (trolls) stole babies and exchanged them so get money and they never seem apologetic about it. Finally on the third book sometimes will happen about that!

If you've read the second book you know Wendy gets married, but I won't say to whom! I loved this twist in the story, on how she has to accept an arranged marriage and for once we get a glimpse of what might be NOT a happily ever after...
Another thing that I like is that the love triangle presented on the second book didn't start right away, and that the end is not predictable hooray!

Wendy steps up to the plate in her new position and you can see changes in her... she gets colder and suffers another loss.

Finn withdraws more and more and we can all hurt for him because we know he's in love with Wendy but he keeps repeating they can't be together. Finn knows what the purpose is, what's his mission... and is not willing to give it up for love. Strange, but so interesting.

Loki takes center stage in this book, seemingly on the wrong side. You'll end up liking him a lot but... can we trust him?

Elora... well... she's weird. It's weird to me how Wendy didn't try to get close to her immediately. I guess because she's not Argentinean. I would have screamed I AM YOUR DAUGHTER GIVE ME A HUG RIGHT NOW! Elora's character moves from a ice queen to a rain queen, there's of course some development in the relationship with Wendy but similar to Finn, she's true to her mission.

Tove becomes an important part of Wendy's team and is nice to learn more about him. Of course there's a clear message and agenda from the author when it comes to his character development.

As you can see I try not to give too much away because even though is a review I'd like you to read it! I like this fictional world so much that I am starting Frostfire, which is the story of another Troll girl but from another tribe. I am intrigued!

I totally give Amanda Hocking a laugh (from Laughing Without an Accent, get it?) and the book 5 accents (what???). Humor me a bit...

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