Fall is here! It's funny because in Argentina, today is the first day of Spring and also, Student's day. IN high school we used to skip school to have a pic nic at a park and enjoy the first day of sunny season. In Buenos Aires we had really cold winters (no snow) so we were ecstatic about spring! Autumn over there is when spring is here.
Photo by Jalinsky, she edited this photo while chatting with me one night.

I welcome fall in the North Hemisphere ina  different way as I would welcome autumn in Argentina. First, because in SoCal there aren't many fallen leaves that form mounts where I can jump on top and delight on their sound. Season are... non existent here pretty much. But I receive fall with joy to start a season of gratefulness, to celebrate harvest, to approach the birth of Jesus. I have many projects and ideas I want to accomplish this fall, especially now that I am a mom.

I want to cook fall themed recipes with an Argentine twist.
I want to do a gratitude tree or something like that
I want to cook soups and stews
I want to make butternut squash gnocci
I want to drink chai tea and pumpkin spice latte and apple cider
I want to go to Disneyland before my mom leaves and see it decorated for Christmas
I want to make a felt baby proof Christmas Tree
I want to bake Christmas cookies and maybe have a cookie exchange party with friends
I want to host a Thanksgiving potluck or Christmas potluck
I want to learn how to sew.

Let me share with you my Fall Bucket Lists. I first started with this one:

 I don't think we'll go apple picking this time, but my hubby and I have done it in the past. I've already had a pumpkin spice latte, but frapuccino, lol! It's been so hot! All the rest we might be able to do.
I like the following one because it's supposed to be for couples and a lot of the things are more feasible.

I wanted to share this free printable with you from Janette Lane's blog. She uploaded it last year and it's a coloring page she made, and now that coloring is super trendy I thought it'd be nice to put it to good use! Download it here:

Photo by Janette Lane

 Isn't this gorgeous?  If you haven't visited Janette's blog you should! She is super talented!

EDITED: this is mine!

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