This cake is the bomb! I promised I would show you how to make this classic Argentine cake. It's called CHOCOTORTA because it's made with a type of chocolate cookie called "Chocolina" that

looks like this:
It's a very thin crusty cookie. It's hard to find it here in the US so my mom and I found this one instead. It's a sandwich cookie with a really decadent cream that ended up giving the cake a pizzazz.

So for this cake below you'll need 1 pack of those cookies

1 can of dulce de leche (you can find this kind in the Hispanic aisle of most stores):

Sour cream, about 16 oz but add to taste. You may ask me what's to taste? I've never done this cake! Well, 16 oz should do it. Try to get a light caramel color.
Brewed coffee at room temperature.
Chocolate shavings, I used 1/2 each of Cadbury's milk and dark chocolate.
This is what you do.

Mix the dulce de leche with the sour cream, you can do it by hand or use a blender.
Open the sandwich cookies if that's what you have. Prepare a pyrex or a pan of at least 5 inches tall. Put some coffee in a semi shallow bowl and dip each cookie for about 4 seconds and place on the surface of your pan until you cover the pan with 1 layer of cookies. Then spread a think layer of the dulce de leche and sour cream mix. In my family, we gave it the name of "tata".
Then repeat step 2 (diping the cookies in the coffee, make a layer, spread a layer of tata on top until you're done with cookies. Normally you'd be able to do 3 layers of cookies. Top it with the tata mix. Sprinkle the chocolate on top and refrigerate at least 30 mins before serving. the longer the better.

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