I didn't expect to receive such beautiful presents for my birthday! Of course no one goes empty handed to a birthday party but my friends went above and beyond and gave me really thoughtful gifts. I am so blessed and thankful for them (my friends, lol)

Nicole made me two beautiful bracelets! And she gave this beautiful journal. I happened to have another one of the same collection! They're gorgeous! And that orange box? It has a Valentino handkerchief. Isn't everything just adorable?

 MaryAnne gave this super cute and comfy infinity scarf! And a stamp set from Target and the New Nudes Palette from Maybeline! You know you have great friends when they know what to get you to feed your vices, lol.

 Sheila also knows me well... she got me a journal with a gorgeous Paris cover and Paris pages. All purple... like one of my favorite colors. Purple soap flowers and purple earrings!

 And a perfume sample I can't wait to try!
 And last but not least of my friends, Julia, an Argentine friend got me this beautiful blouse. The picture doesn't do it justice! We had such an amazing time and awesome conversations! Thank you girls for all your love!

Now onto my family, I have two tangible presents I got: from my mother and father in law and from my sister and brother in law. They totally enable my addictions! My mother in law got me a beauty haul starting with this make up pouch:

 Nail beauty and care:
 Make up and skin care:

 And my sis in law got me a stationary haul!

You know your friends and family love you when they enable your vices! Didn't I say that before? Now on to plan my son's second birthday!

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