I am not one of those parents that likes to brag about my son's achievements. Of course I think he's a genius, we won't discuss that. Therefore, I won't sit here and write all the things Will does as a 2 year old, because we all know he's a very happy boy. Super mellow, easy going, etc.
I want to show you what 2015 has been for Will, and let the photos speak for themselves:
 He turned one. Full post here.

 We went to Big Bear with family.
 In December, we traveled to Argentina for my sister's wedding, and Will instantly fell in love with my brother in law.

 He really enjoys being around family.
 He loved his cousing Ian,
 and abuelo Marcos.
 He saw the Iguazu Falls!
 Loves uncle Nico.
 Pic with Auntie Lalu
 Fun times at the pool.

 We went up a mountain on this capsule thingies.

 The spoon tasted better than the stale churros :(

 We had to take him to a hospital because he had an infection in his thumb. He obviously felt awful.

 He had fondue.
 He kept on being himself.
 We saw the 7 lakes of the Patagonia (not that there are only 7 lakes but 7 on a specific route)
 He said no to blue cheese pizza. He'll learn tho.

 He did this all by himself.

 He petted a llama!
 But didn't trust the goat.
 But the llama, of course.

 He saw the glaciers!!

 We got to the end of the world and it was freeezzing, for a bit because later we got the 3 hottest days of the year!

 We did a 2 and 2 hour hike on a back pack that we had to cut holes in to carry him. He had no complaints.

 At the end of the hike:

 We went to an island to see the Penguins, Will wasn't very happy that he couldn't just walk up to them and touch them:

He got to touch this one tho:

 We got back to Buenos Aires to enjoy the last days with family.

Back in the US, we did some things, like went to Sea World:
 Learned to unprof the baby proof locks.
 Made tons of new friends:
 Petted another llama!
 Got sick and took it well.
 We go to the library 2-3 times a week:
 We go to the beach often (more on this post)
And got over his fear of the ocean!

 We... just.... got... big.

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