This is a super duper easy recipe that comes out delicious. No one could ever guess it only has 5 ingredients and it's so easy to make.
We call it "pollo a la crema" that literally means "chicken in cream, or chicken a la cream", but believe me, it's amazing. This is a family recipe that we love in my house and fight over leftovers and make it every time we want to impress our guests.
The other night we had friends over and we cooked this and they loved it!

Easy peasy, you'll need:

1 chicken breast per person or more if you want to cook for left overs, and trust me, you'll want to.
1-2 cans of green sweet peas depending on how many people you're cooking for.
1 big potato per person, or more.
1 cup of flour
16 oz of heavy whipping cream, more if you want more sauce.
Some olive oil.

Thaw the chicken. Cover each breast with flout. Heat olive oil and place each chicken breast on top of the oil in a pan (about 6 inched high, and alternate if you need to) cook on low until chicken is fully cooked and the outside is crispy.

In the mean time, peel and cut potatoes in little cubes. Deep fry. Take out and place over a paper towel. When chicken and potatoes are ready, mix them in the bigger pan, mix in the sweet peas and the cream and stir carefully. Serve hot and salt to taste.

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