I had mentioned before that I wanted to do a desk makeover after I watched Bethany Mota's video on how she decorated her work space.

I have a wicker desk so it's not the best as a writing surface, but with Bethany's idea it thought it was the perfect solution.

I went to Staples and purchased a desk plastic cover that was a big square I want to say 20x30, it was $27. When I got home my hubby said he thought it was too much, so I reseached on and voila I found a desk plastic cover that the EXACT SAME SIZE as my desk surface for $6.99! Needless to say I returned the one from Staples- sorry!

I bought really cute scrapbook paper and I my mom did the rest. Haha! She made the mold for a cardboard surface, then glued two different papers on each side to be able to flip it and change it up, and this is the finished result!

 Even though my mom did most of it I was the brain behind the operation, lol. It really is super easy to make!

 Cutting the plastic cover.

Where to buy the plastic cover: Target

Scrapbook paper: Michael's
Crevron roll of paper: Michael's
Cardboard: you can use a big box or buy it at a craft store.

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Quedó precioso!