I loved how this spread came out, and let me tell you, I now understand why people get obsessed with paper clips! I thought it was dumb at first but after getting some of my own... I get it.

This foxy paper clip will be up for grabs tomorrow! 

This week's sticker spread is by Allie's Planner Hood

The cute teddy bear was a gift from Hilda from Planner Glam Girl and the sun was part of a giveaway price byt Cute by Design Co. 

The ribbon paper clips I made myself and will be for sale on my shop Lula's Designs Co in the next few days! I know I keep saying I'll list them but I've been so busy doing who knows what? Well, in case you don't know I am a freelance translator, writer, copy editor and proofreader and I've been getting a of work. That plus grocery shopping and taking care of a two year old has been... a lot!
But I am glad I made the time to decorate my planner because it makes me happy. Now I have to make MORE time to things like reading my Bible, praying and working out! 

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