This week is "Pregnancy and baby loss awareness week and I used Vintage Glam Studio's "Sweet for Sweets" spreads that go perfect with this week's theme that's supposed to be baby blue and pink.

This is a very important theme because pregnancy related matters, like infertility, miscarriage and pregnancy complications can be a very sensitive matter for us. I don't know if it's something cultural or it's because I am getting older, but I find that a lot of people in the US don't talk about these things. When we were trying to conceive I wanted to talk about it with everyone, but I felt that everyone is very private about the trying to conceive and not accomplishing it battle. You're not supposed to say you're trying and people usually don't announce their pregnancies until the 12 week mark has passed. I understand it's because there's a danger of losing the baby during the first trimester but, don't you want people there for you if that happens?

It's hard for me to understand it and perhaps it's because I was raised differently. People don't say when they miscarriage either, and I know it's a terrible loss, and you don't want to spread bad news, but, I don't know, I feel like the more it's tabu the less people learn or feel less alone. I felt I was the only one not conceiving when in fact I wasn't. I had close friends trying and not getting pregnant but they never told me even when I was crying to them about our failed attempts. I have friends who miscarried multiple times and I only found out when they got pregnant again and passed the 1st trimester. It breaks my heart not only knowing that my loved ones loose babies or can't pregnant but it pains me more not know they don't feel free to share it because they might be ashamed.

I too felt ashamed when I couldn't get pregnant, why? If it's not my fault? And I know many women feel shame when they can't conceive or when they can't keep a baby inside their bellies. We shouldn't feel ashamed because this is completely out of our control.

We're trying for baby #2 and sometimes I even feel embarrased when people ask "so, when are you having another baby?" or "are you pregnant?". Why can't I already be pregnant when it seems like EVERYONE is getting pregnant with baby #2 I don't know, but I can't do anything about it other than what we all know we need to do ;)

In this week of Pregnancy and baby loss awareness week, don't be afraid to share your struggles because you could be encouraging someone who's grieving a loss or going through a very deep infertility struggle.

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