PLANNING WITHOUT AN ACCENT- 4TH WEEK OF OCTOBER (and an exciting announcement)

Hi!! For this week I went a little bit free style. I got inspired by a few of Janette Lane's planner videos and I went with whatever I was in the mood.

I used some of the stickers I shared as a freebie yesterday., I used some of Allie's PlannerHood Stickers, some Daiso sticky notes, some Planner Society's sticky notes as well, and of course washi tape. I finished the decor with two of the PlannerGlamGirl paper clips I bought - the foxy and the coffee cup- aren't they adorable?

AAAND tan tan tan tan!!!! What you see there are pompoms and ribbon paper clips me and my mom made and that I will be selling on my NEW ETSY SHOP! Please don't think I am using the blog to promote my shop. This was a complete separate endeavour I started because I felt inspired but as I already share my planner layouts with you, why not? Aren't the pompoms pretty? They have a white vintage rose attached to them and I love the paper clips as well. Probably because I made them with my favorite colors! My shop name is Lula's Designs, if you want to visit it and give it some love that would be awesome! By love I don't mean buy anything but clicking like or favorite!

I'm really happy with this weeks layout because I didn't follow any pattern, just my heart.

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