Ugh, I am kind of dreading writing this book review because when I do the fans of this story are going to kill me.

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I don't really und

erstand what's the hype about this book. It's a typical predictable love story that has all of the following:

- super hot guy
-super beautiful hot girl who doesn't know she is and has some kind of hobby that makes her interesting but the author never bothers to make her savvy for us the readers.
-love triangle
-troubles in life
- happy ending

I mean, why is Anna different from other girls? She isn't. She's supposed to be into cinema and she wants to be a movie critic but we never really see a glimpse of her knowledge of the movie industry or of movies in general. There's no movie making lingo in the book. She falls head over hills from the very beginning with the hottest guy in the school who's name is Etienne, but he's English and has a British accent, but he was actually born in the US. And he likes HER of all girls even though he has a girlfriend. I thought that Etienne wasn't going to be Anna's love interest the whole book but oh surprise it is! How predictable is that? And seriously, there's nothing that makes Anna more interesting than other girls other than what everyone says about her beauty. I hate that, because for us female readers, or at least for me, I need to relate to a smart and strong girl or woman, not some vapid hot girl, sorry.
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Ok, some people say that what happens in the middle of the book it's what's important, but really, nothing happens. Nothing important, nothing that makes the characters grow in way that's relevant to make it a coming of age story or a transformative story. They become friends and they go through stuff in life and they end up together.
I don't know guys, I just don't see why the hype. Aaaaaadn one key thing: IT WASN'T A FRENCH KISS because the guy was British/American after all? Yeah, ok, it was in France, but still. There's little description of Paris and very little feel of being actually in Paris!

Overall, disappointing. People are raving about the other 2 books in the series, but I think this is where my road ends with this series. Sorry guys. Not one laugh.

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