This book is absolutely hilarious. There's not a lot I can say other than it's super funny and I cracked up the whole time I was reading it.

I know, it sounds insensitive because there is, after all, a dying girl in the book, but the author is so good at describing the protagonists feelings that you can't help but laugh (without an accent?).

Tha main character's Craig, he's a regular guy trying to survive high school blending in and never really taking a stand abut anything, which makes him be liked by everyone. He has a friend, called "co worker" (Earl) with whom he makes movies for fun.
Craig is very reticent about life, but his mom forces him to hang out with Rachel, a sweet girl who's just been diagnosed with leukemia.

Craig doesn't care at the beginning, well, not that he doesn't care but he wants to be as far to Rachel as possible, because he wants to blend into the world. Being close to Rachael, being his friend, means he has to take a stand about something, to care about something or someone other than himself.
But this is not a love story, he keeps warning us, he won't fall in love with Rachel, he won't kiss her, or take her to prom. But there's so much that goes on in the story.

The outlook of life through Craig's eyes is very interesting, witty, different (at least from a girl's pov) and that makes this book a very well worth a read. And please, if you haven't seen the movie, DON'T, read the book first. I would read it again just to laugh as hard as I did the first time.

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