It's hard to start writing a review on this book because it's so out there already. EVERYONE LOVES IT! And to cut to the chase: I loved it too!

There's something so endearing about this book: the plot, the characters -especially the main, Lara Jean- and the overall environment.
It's narrated in first person by Lara Jean, who is secretly in love with her sister's boyfriend. She's never said anything and would never try anything, but she writes letters, and after she writes a letter to the subject of her love she gets over it. So she writes a letter to her sister's boyfriend and hides it inside her mom's hatbox, where all the other letters are. She doesn't think any of it because it's inside her closet, but one day those letters get sent to all those boys she loved before. Needless to say, her love life goes from nonexistent to out of control.

What one likes about this story are several key elements: the father-daughter relationship, the relationship among the three sisters and the love they profess to each other, the dialogues that are realistic and witty, without losing being "real" (I know I already said realistic), the daily snaps of what a normal life is, scenes seem natural and not part of a story, sometimes it's like you're watching real people interact without knowing that there's a hidden camera present.
This story has love and has yearning, because Lara Jean has to learn to become a young woman without her mom, as she discovers who she is, she also gets separated from her older sister's shadow to become her own being. When this book ended I really wanted to read the second one right away.

This book gets 5 laughs (from Laughing without an accent, get it?). Let me know what you thought of this novel!

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