Yay! I am so excited to show you a few Etsy hauls I did in the weeks following my birthday, because, every girl deserves to spend some money on her birthday, right?

One of the first things I got are from Hilda from PlannerGlamGirl. I've shared before that Hilda was so sweet an she sent me a sheet of stickers for my birthday!
I ordered what you see above, a pink foxy paper clip, a coffee cup paper clip and a set of a perfume paper clip and 2 sheets of glamorous stickers! Aren't they the best? And look!
 She even sent this adorable pumpkin teddy bear paper clip as an extra! Thank you Hilda! If you're a glam girl you should definitely check her store out!
The second order that arrived was from LoveChanXo I found her store looking for Eiffel Tower's paper clips and I found this one and I fell in love. I haven't talked much about myself lately so you might not know that I am a huge fan of Paris, even though I've never been there! More on that on another post!
 LoveChanXo (I think her name is Chan?) sent me a set of stickers as an extra goody! So cute! I love the leaf. Thank you so much!
This is how my last week looks on my planner with the gorgeous Paper clip Hilda made that matches perfectly with the baby blue and pink theme. The tassel is from my Etsy shop! Have you checked it out! I made (as of 10/19) my first sale!

 I am still waiting on two more orders from Etsy so I'll make sure I keep you posted. Lol = lots of love!

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