Autumn weather is not here yet so I won't lie and show you an outfit with scarves and boots when all I wear are shorts and tank tops and flats. Buuuuut, the nights are a little bit more itty bitty breeze and we might get away with wearing a thin layer, ha!

A few days ago I went to Downtown Disney to meet with some girls of the Planner Community and I wore this:

Fuchia tank top: Nordstrom's Rack, they were about 12 bucks when I bought them, maybe less even? And they had every single color! I regret not buying more.

Long flowy, plaited chiffon skirt: Target, on clearance $6.88 Buy it here

Flats: Ebay, $5-7.
Scarf: Ebay, I think it was $2.

Leather Jacket: from Argentina! $100 if you can believe it.

Accesories: necklace: hand me down, mint stud earrings, Walmart for $1.

Perfume: Le Ciel, a brand from Argentina and a gift from my mom.

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