Hey, today has been a loong day. We overslept first. Lately Will has been my alarm clock because even though I plan to sleep longer, he's been waking up earlier than usual. But today of all days that we needed to wake up early to start prepping and cleaning for his party, he slept in a lot.

I was all good. We did everything we needed to do and had a great time with friends and family.
This post is all about pictures and I will be posting details and how to's as well.

If you follow me on instagram you know I had the typical Pinterest fail! But apart from that, everything went great at out Mickey Mouse themed party. Oh, except the fact that I left my camera set on manual focus and some people took pictures, myself included, that were out of focus. Grrr.
Goofy bags.

The party boy wasn't so keen of his MM hat.

 I'm gonna take it momma...
 Here comes nana to put it back on.
 Picture time, cheese!
 But I'm eating, don't you see?
 Nana, doesn't care. Cheese!
 Cheese! Hmhmtmrhgrmgrgm.
 Condiments. Printables from Etsy.
 Sign. Printable from Etsy.

 Photo with momma, take 1

 Smile William!
Look at that fruit salad by my Mother in law!

 This pictures don't loom as dark on the camera, but maybe because they were shot on raw and I have yet to convert them they're like this? Photography student problems over here.

 Hot dog bar!

 It's a party!

 The cake!

 The sweets table, cupcakes, cake and oreo pops.

 Group photo!

 Love my little boy. Ignore my face.

These are all the pics that were on my camera. I am learning, I am sorry if some were terrible! I will do an updated post with edited pics! And I'll also write a few posts on the cake recipe and organization of the party!

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