Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Due to different circumstances, all good, I couldn't do some of mt Thanksgiving project I was planning to do, but we had a great time with family, filled with love and good news.

I wanted to share what I wore on Thanksgiving.

Now let me confess that weight has been a struggle lately. You might notice I am not smaller. I will elaborate on this soon but I tried to make due with the clothes that fits me. I did a small haul at Costco because they had jeans and tunics and comfy sweaters for a great price.

The plum tunic I am wearing was $6 at Costco and I love that it covers my butt so I can pair it with leggins.

The aztec leggins I got on Ebay, the boots at a Thrift Store, they're real leather, and they were only $10!

The jacket is real leather too all the way from Argentina.

My make up was the typical one, but this time I used a primer, a sample I got at Sephora. I will update the name. I used a combo of two colors of foundation and my regular powder foundation, and blushes from Loreal (link on the side ---->). I did my eyes, or I tried to do a smoky eye with the Maybeline Palette using plum and red colors and I used a soft hot pink lipstick from Maybeline.

What is your go to fall outfit?

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Talita said...

Hermosa, como siempre y muy n lookeada!