Hey guys! Lately I have been super busy working on my Etsy shop and my freelance writing projects. But I do have tons of cute stuff to show you that me and my mom have been making to sell on the shop!

I have to admit it's so time consuming! If you think that having an Etsy shop is easy peasy, think again! There's a lot involved and much of it is time. Making the goods, taking good photos, listing them on Etsy takes a loooong time, promoting, then after the sale packing, writing addresses and letters,  going to the post office. But guess what? I-am-loving-it! 

There's also the whole financial aspect of it, keeping books, expenses, revenue records, etc. Blah, I won't bore you with that. Instead, let me show you what we have on the shop!

Tassels with charms:

Paper clips:

 These are gorgeous and incredibly detailed.

Tassels and paper clip kit:

And there is so much more to show you! I already sold out on several items of the Christmas collection, there's a vintage and a Kate Spade inspired collection. Go check it out and if you don't mind favorite the shop for me? 

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