Hey guys! Yeah, yeah, I know I am flaking again. I am so busy lately. Pfff, that excuse right? I have been getting a lot of translating, proofreading, tutoring and even interpreting gigs!

My Etsy shop is also keeping me quite busy! I looove doing all these goodies and sending them to happy homes. In the planner world, we call it #happymail
If you follow me on Instagram, you can find all the sources of the stickers I used on this spread. The tassel and the paper clips are made my yours truly and sold on my shop.

I also got featured on Janette Lane's Instagram! You've probably heard about her from me, because she was the person who inspired me to get into the planner community. I am so glad I did. Look at the gorgeous layout she made and how my paper clips and tassel are complemented by the beauty she creates. She really makes anything look like a work of art.

The week is almost over, I didn't fill the spread that much. I want to get more planners (why? You tell me). Are you in the planner community? What's your current planner?

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