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The title of this blog post refers to a child's song or lullaby that we sing in Argentina whenever we get a boo boo. Well, our mothers sing it to us when we come running to the kitchen crying and showing them how we scratched ourselves when we fell. She would touch our little hand, or the place that was wounded and give it a little stroke singing "sana, sana, colita de rana, si no sana hoy, sanara manana" (Heal, heal, froggy's little tale, if it doesn't heal today it will heal tomorrow"). Most of the time, if wasn't anything big and our mommy's love made everything better. 
After this day at Disneyland our whole family got sick! But we had a great time.

When you're a mother or a father, you wish you could just sing that song and make our little ones feel better instantly, but unfortunately we don't have magic powers. There's nothing that hurts a parent more than seeing our kiddos in pain.

Poor baby he woke up from naps in pain and crying. I love cuddling and hugging him.

William hasn't been a baby that's gotten sick very much since he was born. It's very rare. But this past week I caught a cold and then Will caught a cold and then my husband. I fought it off pretty quickly as it seems to happen every time (mom can't get sick, right?) but Will's cold lingered and it turned into fever and into pink eye and we had to take him to the Doctor. She didn't give us anything for the cold because it seemed it was a virus but we did get drops for his pink eye.

Some days, however, Will's temperature would rise, so I needed to give him some Children's Advil. There's no magic word to make them feel better or make the illness go away, but if there's something that will lower the temperature and turn the situation around it's Children's Advil. A few minutes after we'd give it to William he'd be another person, from crying and in pain to a little more happy. 

There's a children's fever reducer  in Argentina called "aspirineta", and one time they made this commercial where kids had to make different faces expressing different feelings, and when they asked them to do the "aspirineta face", they instantly smiled. That's kind of how it is after Will takes Children's Advil. 

What I like about Children's Advil is the yummy taste! It's hard enough to make the toddlers take something when they're sick, but if it tastes good? Bingo. They come in these yummy flavorsSugar-free Dye-free Berry, Bubble Gum, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Fruit and Dye-Free White Grape,  they're sugar free and dye free! Will's favorite is grape! 

Will laying on the floor playing with his Mickey balloon. He does this a lot when he's sick, he lays on the floor and plays with something. 
And it's not expensive at all! I get it a Walgreens and they're always having sales and promos. What I like is that of all the other fever reducers I've tried, Children's Advil requires less medicine to keep fever lower for longer time. Please be aware of dosage and read carton's prospect before you give to your child. For more info you can click here.

It's been hard having William sick this time around because he's so active that it's hard to keep him inside for so long.  So I had to be creative with the activities:
-We did movie nights with daddy watching Disney movies in Spanish.
-We did a little bit of art on the table.
-We did tons of baths to help reduce the fevers and keep him fresh because due to his drainage he was always wiping his nose all over his face poor thing. 
-We played sorting games and stacking games.
-We played race cars.

He's getting better now, and while he naps (hallelujah!) I write this post to let you know mom that you're not alone, none of us is perfect and we all try to do the best job we can. Sometimes our words or cuddles can't heal our little ones so it's good to have medicines like Children's Advil to do the rest of the job. Cut yourself some slack and know that you're doing a great job!

What are some tips or ideas you can give other moms to do while taking care of a sick child?


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Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom said...

It's so hard to keep little ones entertained when they have the flu. Thanks for sharing these tips! #client