We have been so busy in the Metcalf household since I started working full time. Don't worry, I am on a contract assignment and it will only be until mid-January. But I don't want to abandon my readers! I want you to be a part of my Christmas even though I didn't take professional looking pics and didn't post a Christmas recipe ahead of time - I will be posting my Waldorf Salad recipe I made for the festivities.

Christmas eve was super fun with my hubby's grandparents. And Christmas day we opened the rest of the presents with my in laws and we read the Christmas story, prayed for each other and sang Christmas carols.

I want to share with you what I did in preparation for Jesus' birthday.

First, I made a felt Christmas tree for my son! It was a hit or about 5 mins and then he was over it!

I put up our tiny Christmas tree and our stockings.

In care you're wondering why there are 4 stockings, here's out Christmas card!

One present from my hubby:

The peony Matilda planner from Forever New and this gorgeous laptop cover! All from Australia thanks to a super amazing girl that shipped it to me.
I will show you more of the presents in a future post! I hope you're having a great Christmas!


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