January 1st means new beginnings for most of us. Or at least we tend to believe that. But in my opinion, the first day of the year shouldn’t be any different than any other day. Sure, it’s a good opportunity to do a self-exam on what we accomplished the year before and what we want for the coming one. But we shouldn’t put so much pressure to change something on January if we know we won’t follow through by March, and there’s nothing wrong in setting new goals any month of the year or starting something new. We don’t have to be in the New Year to decide to change.
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With that said, do we need New Year resolutions? Or should we just keep a list of goals year round and set new goals any month? The reason I ask this is because I see a lot of people setting resolutions for 2016 and feeling defeated a few months into it. January is a hard month to start something in the northern hemisphere where it’s cold. Cold months are to stay at home and drink tea and read a book, I think. It’s difficult to set up a goal of eating more fresh vegetables when salads are cold and not appetizing during this time or to wake up at 5 am when it’s dark and freezing to go running. In my humble opinion, the best time to start your resolutions is with spring, when everything starts to flourish and we can bloom with nature as well.

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With this I am not saying we shouldn’t take advantage of the ‘clean slate’ 2016 gives us and set new goals. But what I am saying is that dates are an arbitrary thing created by the Romans. There are many suns that can inspire us to start changing.
As you know, I am pregnant, so even though I want to set a goal to lose weight I have to wait till after july to start, so mine would be a Mid Year Resolution.  
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Here are some of my goals for 2016, whenever I start them:
-          Write more on the blog
-          Write more fiction (maybe participate in NaNoWriMo program)
-          Do more crafts
-          Teach William more
-          Go outdoors more
-          Read tons of books
-          Be with friends more
-          Have a baby
-          Enjoy time with newborn
-          Start a weight loss program
-          Do my makeup and hair at least 4/7 days of the week.
-          Read the Bible and pray every day. 

This is a very interesting article titled:  New Year’s Resolutions and Why They Fail

I hope you have a wonderful New Year's celebration!

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