you're an idiot. That's the title of the book I am reviewing. The original title in Spanish is "No culpes al karma por lo que te pasa por gillipollas".

 If you search the word gillipollas in Google translate you can get a more accurate translation of the term, but I didn't want to reproduce it here. I considered idiot was more acceptable.

This book is a screwball comedy or comedy or errors, meaning is a story where a lot of things happen and things seem to get worse until they get better.

This story is about Sara, who had a huge crush on a guy named Aaron when she was 17 and she couldn't do anything about it. 15 years later, she's on a solid relationship with a guy but questioning her career choice, when she decides to reinvent herself and re open her grandmother's shop and specialize in clothes made with feather. She even leaves her parents home to leave at her late grandmother's home and she thinks her life is going to take a turn for the better. Her boyfriend is coming back from a year in Paris and as she's preparing to have the most amazing 4 days with him, everything snowballs and she finds herself living with her dad, her sister who's a model and ten years younger and her fiance, Aaron, yep, the same guys Sara had a huge crush on.

The book is a super fun read that makes you laugh in several occasions and definitely a page turner. The bottom lime is how to put a brave face in front of difficult situations and always look at the glass half full. I definitely recommend this one for a heart-warming and light read.

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