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Is that time of the year again! I bet you didn't see it coming either, huh? I was so thrilled when I was given the opportunity to cook a recipe for MARS, because it was the perfect excuse to bake this traditional Argentine Easter Rosca with a twist! And that is, delicious M&M's® and Starburst® Jellybeans. Traditionally, this Rosca has candied fruits and cherries and a lot of us kids don't like that, so I thought that adding the candy and chocolate would make it extra special for the kiddos. And, as you'll see in the pic, I added the plastic eggs in the middle of the rosca for the kids to grab and inside there are the MARS goodies I mentioned. I used the  M&M's® EGGS and the regular  M&M's® with Easter colors! MARS items include:

M&M’s® varieties with Easter colors
DOVE® Chocolate Eggs

I shopped at Walmart but I couldn't find the M&M's® Easter Sundae flavor but they should be available right now! It's a flavor that is exclusive to Walmart and limited time only, AND there is a bundle coupon for extra savings available at Walmart! Click here for more info ->

I had a lot of fun making this recipe reminiscing of the times in Argentine when my grandma was alive and she hid eggs in the plant pots and we would find them. In Argentina, the eggs were actually chocolate shelled eggs, not plastic. We used to make our own chocolate eggs at school and they came up soo good! Eventually, I will start doing these little things with my kids. But for now, plastic eggs filled with M&M's® and Starburst® Jellybeans will do a great job (and less mess, I am pregnant, after all).

I am excited to share this recipe with family on Easter lunch! I can't wait to see what my American family thinks of it. 

Ok, so let's dig into the recipe!

This is mildly easy, there's just 1 step that needs constant stirring, but it's not too hard.


For the Rosca:
    3 7 oz packs of baking yeast
    1/2 cup of warm milk
    2 cups of flour (000 or regular)
    1 tsp..salt
    1/2 cup of melted butter
    3 eggs and 1 for painting
    1/2 cup of sugar 
    Rind of one lemon and 1-2 tbsp of vanilla extract

    For the cream (crema pastelera):
    2 eggs
    2 yolks
    2/3 cup of cornstarch (or two big spoonfuls)
      2/3 cup of flour (or two big spoonfuls)
    2/3 cup of sugar
    4 cups of milk

    1. Place the yeast with 2 table spoons of honey and 4 oz of warm milk. Mix to dissolve and let rest next to the stove on.
    2. Place in a mixing bowl the sugar, the flour, the butter, 3 eggs, lemon rind, 1-2 tablespoons of vanilla extract, mixing well until the mix is clumpy.
    3. Add the yeast mix with a teaspoon of salt. Mix well and create a dough. You may need to add a bit more of flour so it doesn't stick but do it little by little.
    4. When the dough is soft but not too sticky, cover and let rise. If close to the stove on the better, but not too close so the bowl won't melt. The rising could take up to 30 mins.
    5. When the dough gets double its volume, you can separate into 2 or 3 and freeze or use all for 1 big Rosca. I used it all. I placed the dough making a big hole in the middle using one of the mini molds I used in my previous recipe post, but you can use a can (line with butter and flour or cooking spray so the dough won't stick to it). You can also use a big cake mold with a division in the center, like a budnt cake. You should always use cooking spray or butter and flour before.
    6. Decorate with the cream (crema pastelera, recipe below) and paint with an egg on the parts where there's no cream. (I skipped this part because I overloaded it with the cream)
    7. Place in the oven at 300 degrees and bake for 35-40 minutes and when you introduce a tooth pick it comes out dry. Let cool.
    8. Crema pastelera is prepared as follows:
      Mix 2 eggs and 2 egg yolks with the cornstarch, flour and sugar in a bowl. Heat up the milk in a separate pot and before it boils, add it to the egg mix little by little. Mix well and when done place the whole mix on the stove.
    9. Mix continuously until it starts to thicken and let boil only 1 minute and take off the stove. Let cool and then refrigerate until you need it (you can do this step at the beginning to save you waiting time).

    If you recreate this recipe, let me know in the comments and don't forget to use the tag #sweeterPascua and #cookingwithLula

    Enjoy and have a Happy Easter!


    Talita said...

    Muy linda se ve la rosca de pascua!!!!

    María José y Josefina said...

    Quiero la versión con medidas argentinas :P me tentó hacerla!

    Lalu Fernández said...

    Rosca de reyes + candy = my kind of easter day treat!

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