I wanted to share with you one of the tv shows that has me excited every time it airs: Shades of Blue. Have you checked it out? Starring Jennifer Lopez, looking amazing as a NYPD Detective. When I first heard about it I thought: awesome! Another detective show now that Point of Interest is on break and Crossing Lines Is (was, because it's back, more on that later), but... Shades of Blue is just not another detective show.

As I am starting to watch the first episode I notice that this is not what we'd expect from cops (or is it? Depends on your viewpoint I guess). This is a group of dirty cops, involved in shady things, like drug deals and such, and Jennifer Lopez belongs to this prescient "family" that gets each other backs and she covers for the "bad" things they do because they protect her and her boss has done for her something big were she could turn her life and become a cop.

But Jennifer Lopez is suprised by an FBI agent that has put together a mission to get this bad cop boss (named Wozniak, aka Woz) and they make JLo, of should I say, agent Harlee Santos to become a CI = Criminal Informant, or otherwise she goes to prison and no one will take care of her daughter. 
The show becomes super intriguing as Woz is informed that there's a mole inside his team and he becomes paranoid and suspects Harlee First. Each episode ends on a hook, of course, and the drama grips you in. Overall I think it's a well done show, the characters are believable even though they make you mad because they're dirty cops. I totally recommend it if you're hungry for some thriller drama. 

What are you watching lately?

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Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

I tend to really like JLo as an actress, so I'd definitely give this a go if I ever get the chance:)