I've shared on a previous post that I really liked The Jewel due to it's original plot and dystopian reality that was a little different from other dystopian books. The first book was intriguing and gripping and it showed new elements to the whole post apocalyptic narrative.

The second book continued the story from when Violet gets caught with Ash and what happens after they escape the mansion. I gotta say that this book was very similar to other sequels of dystopian books like Pandemonium, the sequel of Delirium, Crossed, the sequel of Matched, and even Catching Fire, the sequel of The Hunger Games, because in all this books you find that the "rebellion", "the uprising" or whatever name the author gives to the alternative, might not be as good as they hoped.

In the White Rose, the experience at the beginning of their encounter to the second order is very similar.

Going deeper into this story I became a little critical of certain things, for example, the names. Violet's siblings are Ochre and Hazel; it seems like if you're from a certain circle surrounding the Jewel you're supposed to name your kids following a topic or object. Ash's siblings are name a similar noun (I really can't remember off the tope of my head) that seemed a bit ridiculous. But other than this and the similar plot lines, the book still kept originality up until the end! The ending, for me, was predictable from the moment they started hinting on it and a cheap way to create a hook for the third book. I was like, really? But, if you liked The Jewel I recommend you to read this one because it's a good read. :)

What are you reading now?

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