Are you tired of using a bunch of cotton balls to take your nail polish off and get the color of all over your fingers? This idea is excellent. I saw someone use a similar product that they bought at Target but I've never seen it there, and I saw a youtuber talk about a similar product as well. I don't know how much these are, but if you want to make it yourself it's going to cost you around $4.  (Excuse how dirty my black board was, the chalk wouldn't come off!)

And making it yourself is super easy, fun and inexpensive because I got everything at the dollar store closest to me.

All you need is:
  • 1-2 nail polish remover bottles
  • a jar (depending on the size the amount of acetone you'll need
  • a dish sponge
  • scissors to separate the sponge. 

Remove the harder part of the sponge and discard. Roll it and place it inside the jar. If you see that the sponge is lose, you might need to add another one rolled up and placed in the center.

Add the acetone making sure the whole sponge is soaked. 

Close it tight and store it closed until you need to use it. 

 When you need to, rub your finger inside and voila! Comes out clean!

 Comes out clean!

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