I have talked about this show on a previous post about the shows you should watch on Netflix.
Well, yesterday was the season finale of season 6 and I am 1, extremely sad because I'll have to wait who knows what to see my friends again (pathetic, I know, am I the only one?) and 2, DISTURBED by that ending.

Do you remember that group called The Saviors that were terrorizing Hilltop? Then Alexandria made a deal with Hilltop that if they killed all The Saviors Hilltop would give Alexandria half of their crops and produce. Ok, so Rick and his warriors go to where The Saviors  are and they kill them all. Except they don't.
It was kind of confusing because when they asked Who's Negan, they all said, we're all Negan, nut no, little did we all know that there is a real Negan and he will be in our nightmares!

So this is what happens, more or less. Daryl goes off on his on to find Dwight to avenge Denise's death and Rosito, Glenn and Michonne go after him to try to stop him. But Daryl will hear no reason so the group splits: Rosita follows him and Michonne and Glenn are captured by Dwight and friends and later Daryl and Rosita are too. Episode ends.

Last episode, Maggie was having cramps so they need to take her to see the Doctor at Hilltop. They keep finding stones on the way that The Saviors have set up, very elaborate problems, showing that 1, they seem to be strong, 2, there are a lot of them.

The whole episode is Rick, Abraham, Carl, Sasha, Maggie, and the other science guy I can't think of his name right now going around in circles trying to avoid conflict with The Saviors  because they need to take Maggie to the doctor.

They're finally ambushed, they reunite with the other captured group and you see about 50-60 men from The Saviors. T

hey finally introduce Negan, who comes out of a trailer with some sort of weapon that's like a baseball bat with metal wire with spines, the kind you see on the side of the highways. He's the charismatic Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who you might have been seeing as Jason in The Good Wife.

I was so surprised when I saw them. Long story short, he tells Rick they will have to work for him but first he wants to beat "the hell out of someone".

What I thought it was strange was that Rick said NOTHING during all this and finally Negan starts doing meeny miney mo to decide who to beat. They do some camera game where you have no idea who the victim will be and the scene ends with Negan striking a blow directly into someone's head, muted screams and him saying: "Oh, taking it like a champ". The screen goes black and all you can hear are the blows that hit something softer with each blow. He went directly to the head.

Disturbing, to say the least, and of course we're left wondering who is going to die. They anticipated it was going to be someone beloved, which I think it's between Maggie, Daryl, or Glenn (not Rick or Carl), perhaps Michonne. I don' t think they would kill a woman beating her up to dead but... we never know. I don't think it's Abraham or the other guy because they're not THAT beloved just yet.

According to the comic books, Glenn is the victim... but... we'll see how they spin it. Either way. be it him or Daryl, I don't like it. I would rather it be Abraham or the other dude... and beating a pregnant woman would be too cruel for them to write that right?

What do you think?

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