You probably learned after baby #1 that there a loooot of things certain websites and stores tell you you absolutely need, only to discover later that you didn't really NEED them, they were a luxury. Some of them were a nice luxury like a bottle warmer or wipe's warmer, and some of them were straight up luxuries, like a Ferrari model stroller or a $300 swing.

Must have in my opinion. Photo from toysrus.com

This is my humble opinion based on 2 1/2 years of motherhood, and if you're trying to save money, budget and overall simplify your life, I hope these tips are useful.

So if you bought a lot of stuff for baby #1 you shouldn't have to buy a lot more for the second. If it's a different sex, yes, you probably want different clothes, but don't be afraid to ask your friends for hand me downs. You probably tested already that clothes, especially newborn are barely worn and when they're older they get really dirty. Don't buy all new clothes, that is definitely a waste of money in my book. I go to consignment stores a lot, they have special events were you can get  A LOT of clothes for little money, and honestly, a lot of the new clothes I bought for Will he barely wore because I would forget to put it on him and he grew too fast.

Aren't these the cutest? They rattle! Photo from buybuybaby.com

Double stroller

If your kiddos will be less than 3 years AND you walk a lot, I think is a good idea to have. If you don't go that many places and think your 3 year old could walk, you could potentially skip this purchase. My son will be almost 3 by the time his brother arrives, so I am still debating whether to but one or not.

On my wish list:
Photo from strollermomma.com

Baby carrier:

If you don't have one from the first time around I would get one. The ergos are really good, I didn't have that brand exactly but I had a similar one and it supported my back pretty well. While you go on short walks, you could carry the little one and put the oldest in the stroller.

On my wish list:

Photo from ergobaby.com

Car seat that is not expired. We have one, but I need to make sure it hasn't expire. Example:

Photo from Kohls.com

Check the date on your car seat before the baby comes. You might need to buy a new one.

Wubanub pacifier.

Photo credit

We had the lion and the dinosaur for Will, but we lost the lion, so I added it on my registry for baby #2. These pacis are a lifesaver.


Photo from Walgreens.com

Another necessity, ours got lost so we'll need another one.

Breastfeeding essentials:

 nursing cover, nipple cream, nursing pads, milk storage bags (I hated pumping ugh, I don't think I lasted long once the breastfeeding got better but it was nice to have extra milk in the freezer.
This is a very helpful article about 25 breastfeeding essentials.

What helped me the MOST with the excruciating pain and wounds I had on my nipples was calendula creams that I bought at Whole Foods, the laninosh didn't help me much. Be aware that you have to wash off the calendula cream before breastfeeding but it worked like magic.

Photo from Jet.com

Diapers, wipes, changing station, wipe's warmer (optional, if you have space, I got one from a friend and used it but when Will got bigger I had no space in the changing station), baby powder -cornstarch-, desitin cream.

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Things you might have from baby #1 that you most likely will re use:

swaddle blankets: The Aden + Anais are pricey and I refused to buy them the first time around but a friend of mine gave me two and William loved them over the other ones. I ended up buying some later on so I have enough for baby #2.
Photo from Bed, bath and beyond. 

Noise machine:

Photo from Toysrus.com

I really like ours but the projector stopped rotating the images.

Video monitor: we got a security camera type and is good but it doesn't show a close up of the baby.

Bottles (no need to get crazy if you breastfeed): I could barely keep up with the ones I have.

Teether like Sophie the giraffe: This is another item I refused to buy due to the price, and I bought this one instead that got lost. Not sure I'll register for Sophie or something else... what do you think?
Photo from toysrus.com

What else do you think I need for baby #2? Let me know in the comments! What are must haves?

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