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Lately I have been slacking at cooking yummy homemade meals. Either because I was too busy or too tired, my poor boys had to settle for simple, sometimes frozen, and quick meals. My hubby is not picky but my son, now 2 1/2 has become really picky eater and me and my hubby were pulling our hair trying to figure out what to feed him.

One of the things that I realized was that we were being too lenient with him. If he didn't want something then we gave him something else. And part of that was that I was being too flexible with the meals. So I decided to create a 7 day meal plan, based on good yummy dinners (because this was the most problematic meal) and then use leftovers for lunch, eggs or yogurt for breakfast -for William, I usually eat oat meal- and 2 snacks a day.

This is the plan I came up with. I will link all the recipes that are already published on the blog and I will be posting the ones that aren't and I will update this post so you can have a reference.

7 Argentine Dinners (in no particular order):

Some of these are really old pictures, but I will try to post new (and better ones) as I cook these meals.

1. Beef milanesas with 2 color mashed (potatoes and butternut squash). Pictures with fries below:

2. Chicken milanesas with "ensalada mixta" (mixed salad): tomato, lettuce, onions, olive oil and balsamic. Pictures with the double colored mashed below:

3. Lasagna (to be posted). If you want to know which recipe I will be recreating, watch this video (in Spanish)

4. Empanadas (variations: beef, chicken, tuna, spinach)

5. Ham, cheese and tomato quiche (or tuna quiche) with a potato salad or mixed salad. To Be Posted.

6. Oven roasted beef -like tri tip, skirt or chuck- with oven roasted potatoes. Variation: whole chicken. I try to buy a marinated beef piece and cut potatoes in wedges, in the oven, boom!

7. Salmon and tri color squash. Side variations: Brussels sprouts with bacon -in the oven-, asparagus with egg and bacon -in the grill-. For the salmon I just put it in the oven with some olive oil, garlic salt and dill or an Argentine spice mix of parsley and garlic.

Like I said I will be posting the recipes and updating this post, along with new recipes, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Oh, I should post a shopping list soon as well!

For more recipes, like a Shepherd's Pie or chicken a la crema, check my Recipe tab!

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Natalie Y said...

I don't think I have ever tried Argentinean food before but I definitely would like to. These all sounds delicious!! :)
Yours Truly, NY | INSTAGRAM