I was really looking forward to this class at Sephora as I never tried to do a winged eyeliner because I didn't think I could pull it off. But I did it this time after they showed us how and I am confident that even though it won't always look the same, I can achieve it with practice.

As always, the class was set up on the tables. I went to the South Coast Plaza location and they usually have the classes in the middle of the day so there are people walking around. That doesn't bother me, however.

The coaches focused mostly on the makeup part to be able to dedicate more time to the eyeliner section, instead of starting with eye care, concealer and all that.

We started applying primer, then doing a simple daytime smokey eye using the Naked Basics by Urban Decay and then we focused on the liner part.

Products used:
Primer: urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Basics 1 and 2
Lancome Pencil Eye Liner
and I am sorry but I can't remember the liquid eyeliner we used but I will check with the coach and edit the post!
Brushes used: #14, 19, 22, and 18 and like a silly person I am didn't write their uses.

The coaches are super sweet!!

Sephora Handout:

Get the steps
1. Prep eyes with eye makeup remover and eye cream. Smooth primer on lids and apply concealer under eyes, setting with a light powder.
2. Use neutral shadows to build a soft contour.
3. Choose your Essential Eyeliner look: smoky and wing.

1. Line with a thick application liner, then use a smudge brush to diffuse.
2. Set with deep shadow, then apply mascara.
3. Balance brows with your liner choice, adding definition with powder or pencil.

1. Measure and plan, sketching with a pencil or powder.
2. Fill in line with a pencil, pot, or liquid eyeliner, then apply mascara (here we also used a clean brush and water proof makeup remover to clean the wing if needed)
3. Balance brows with your liner choice, adding definition with powder or pencil.


Eye makeup remover
Eye cream
Setting powder
Eye shadows
Eyebrow pencil or brow powder
Brushes and tools

The lighting was weird so it doesn't show very well. But I definitely recommend you search for your local Sephora's class schedule!

The really cool part? We got two samples, one was a sample of the waterproof makeup remover we used (I think it was Too faced) and the Marc Jacobs pencil eye liner!

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