A few posts back I made a post about must watch Netflix series, and one of them, one of my favorite thrillers, is The Killing, where Mirelle Enos portrays detective Sarah Linden, a run down single mother that over commits and gets emotionally attached to her victims. I love her and I miss her as Sarah Linden but I recently was browsing through Hulu Plus and I stopped at one show I had overlooked before, The Catch, because, is that Sarah Linden??

Yes, it is. But this time, is not the chap lipped detective with frizzy hair, is this beautiful red haired hottie that's a successful private investigator from LA, gorgeous, make up on, the whole game, that happens to be engaged with a very charming man who turns out to be her biggest investigation of all when he disappears with all her money and her client's information. 

 Uhmm no, she's not too happy.

So far there are 4 episodes available to watch on Hulu Plus and I really hope they keep streaming them because I am loving Mirelle on this role (I think I will love her on any role, mind you). If you're looking for something fun to watch, similar to White Collar, catch-me-if-you-can kinda game, this is your show.

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